The Hassle Free Listing® Program

Flexible plans include: no cost, no risk, and no pressure. It’s your home so you’re always in charge.
Sell your property

Sell your property yourself, while it is listed and pay no commission

Cancel the listing at anytime

Either you or I can cancel by calling and saying “I want to cancel the listing.” It’s that simple. The cancellation becomes effective at the time you call. Please allow 2 business days to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.

No advance fees of any kind

You only pay if I procure an offer that is acceptable to you. This includes no fees for any photos, videos, cleaning, landscaping, staging or advertising we’ve provided.

“No Pressure” presentation

I will never allow you to be “pressured” by the buyer’s agent. All offers will be emailed or delivered to my office and presented to you by us, so you can make your decision privately.

Try this special NO RISK OFFER!

Put more money in your pocket with the Hassle Free Listing® exclusively with Christine & Company. Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells … even if you find the buyer. With the Hassle Free Listing® you have complete flexibility … from “Full Service” to “Do It Yourself’.


You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. You don’t want our assistance. You pay nothing.


You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. We write the contract and walk it through escrow for you. Our commission is 1 %. (Minimum of $3500)


We find the buyer and write the contract. There is no other agent involved. Our commission is just 4%.


Another agent represents the buyer. Our commission is 3% and the other agent also receives 3%.

Percent Over List Price



My team and I help more home owners sell their homes for more money than any other agents in the Puget Sound. Year after year we out perform local market averages.

The ordinary agent sells 8 to 12 houses per year; ”Top Agents” sell 30 or more.

Why Christine & Company Always Sells for the Most Money

Our Preparation

Not only do we pay for our listings to be professionally cleaned, landscaped, and staged, we also include professional photography, 3D modeling, and video (including drone footage) on our listings. We know what it takes to attract the best (and most) buyers.

Real Estate Knowledge

Our team includes a best selling real estate author and a key note speaker for the real estate industry. We don’t mess around when it comes to mixing together the magic ingredients of marketing, pricing, advertising, and negotiating.


Let’s talk about negotiating. This is where we really separate ourselves from other agents. Look, in this market anyone can get multiple offers and bring in offers over the asking price. But to get the most money out of buyers takes doing something 90% of agents don’t do – negotiate.
Most agents will collect offers, present them to the seller, show them they got more than they asked, and move on. Everyone is happy (despite the fact that they left money on the table). In contrast, we block off an entire day to review offers. We take the time to call each agent, and do so multiple times, asking each one to raise their offer until we are 100% sure we’ve gotten the most money and the best terms for the offer we accept.

Our Team

Every person on our team is an expert in their craft. No one agent can be all things to all their clients (unless they only have one client). Using a team provides us the greatest opportunity to provide an unprecedented level of service to each client.

What Our Customers Say About Us


We help home sellers, across the Puget Sound, sell their homes for more money, in less time.

Selling AND Buying?

If you sell a home as well as purchase another home through Christine & Company of eXp Realty you may be eligible for a special CASH BACK BONUS.

1% of the sales price of the 2nd home you buy or sell.



Cash Back







Program details: The 1% seller cash back program applies to any purchase and sale that pays 3% on each to Christine & Company. In the event that either of the two commissions falls below 3%, the cash back will be reduced accordingly. For example: Seller sells home with 3% paid but purchases a home with a 2.5% commission to Christine & Company. In this scenario the cash back to our client would be .5% rather than the full 1%. All cash back amounts are calculated on the base price commissions are paid on which may be less than the actual sales price. Payment is made to client after the close of the 2nd transaction. Both sales must occur within the same 180 day period.


Christine Andreasen
Luxury Specialist & CEO

With a real estate career that has spanned two decades, Seattle Broker and Founder of Christine & Company, Christine Andreasen has had an unconventional trajectory to where she is today. Initially licensed in Salt Lake City in 1996, Christine spent a good part of her career traveling the country as a key note speaker coaching and training agents to produce extraordinary results building successful careers.
After the real estate crash of 2008, Christine put all her time and efforts back into the home buying selling side of the industry. During the ensuing 10 years she has climbed to the top of the charts. Christine has built an award winning team of super stars. Christine and her team compare what they do to the way an orchestra creates beautiful music. Christine describes it his way “In real estate, there are so many moving pieces but what matters most is our performance throughout

Aaron Hendon
Managing Broker

In a world that puts ever-increasing demands on all of us to go faster and faster, to cut corners, to look for shortcuts, to hurry up and get it done, I think the purchase or sale of your single most expensive, most impactful, asset, should never be relegated to an app, a website, or the latest and greatest “technological disruptor”.
Look, the process of buying or selling a home, the most personal and expensive asset in someone’s life, is more than a business transaction. Nothing is more stressful, more worrisome, more complex emotionally, than selling the home where you have raised your family. This uniquely impactful life change deserves to be handled slowly, completely, and thoroughly by professionals who care enough to make sure you are confident of each step before it happens.
Three-time best selling real estate author  International educator and trainer  First time home buyer class teacher certified by WA State

Ann Margaret Calderon
Real Estate Broker

Hi! I’m Ann Margaret. I started my career in real estate because I was fascinated by the world of architecture and interior design. Real estate combines my degree in Business & Accounting, my love of trying new things and discovering new passions, and my appreciation for art and design. Real estate is an unlimited source of inspiration for me and for what I can offer to my clients!

Katie Phelps
Real Estate Broker

Whether it is investing, restoring or advising on A word from our CEO… how best to buy and sell homes, Real Estate has always been the North Star Katie follows. As a lifelong resident of the Eastside, Katie understands that each neighborhood has its own personality and nuances that impact the overall market. Katie is know for having a comprehensive understanding of her client’s needs and wants.

Sarah Lauer
Real Estate Broker

Sarah exemplifies integrity, honesty, hard work, dedication and loyalty along every step of her client’s real estate journey. Playing an integral role in making someone’s dreams of owning a home become a reality is what drew Sarah to real estate and gives her the chance to live in the virtues she works so hard to embody. It is an honor for her to be a part of that process. Sarah grew up in Michigan but has found her home in Washington and loves all that it has to offer.

Aaron Last
Real Estate Broker

Hi! My name is Aaron Last and I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker with Christine & Company – eXp Realty. I offer real estate services to Home Owners, Home Buyers and Investors. I will work with you to meet your specific needs and get you the best possible value from your sale or purchase. It is my focus to do what is best for my clients. I cannot be successful unless you are successful.

ADante Beasley
Real Estate Broker

Real Estate is my passion, and my goal is to make your dream of owning a home a reality! I live by the HIT philosophy: Honesty, Integrity & Trust. I am always going to have your best interest at heart. Once we set a goal together, I’m all in! I was born and raised in Washington, and possess a sales background spanning 15 years. I’m a proud father to my son, and I hope to show him how to live a fulfilling, positive, happy life by pursuing my passion and living my best life

Josh Radigan
Real Estate Broker

Nothing is more gratifying to me than the feeling I get from helping people meet their real estate needs. You can count on me to always do what’s in your best interest. I pride myself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate market. I know how important it is to find your dream home or get the best offer for your property. Therefore, I will make it my responsibility to help you achieve those goals. Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer.

Kimberly Petersen
Real Estate Broker

Hi! My name is Kimberly, and I love being part of the Christine & Company and eXp realty team! I have been in the real estate game for a long time, and I am thrilled to add real estate broker to my resume. I love working with buyers and sellers, and I always put my best foot forward on behalf of my clients. I was a mortgage loan officer for 15 years and a property manager for 12. Working on the mortgage and property management has given me a huge advantage as a broker.

Rachel Martinez
Real Estate Broker

Hi! I’m Rachel. I became a Real Estate Agent because I love connecting with people and discovering what they want to accomplish for themselves and their families. As an Agent, I know the energy I bring to every client matters, and I always bring happiness, joy, intention, and purpose into my space. The opportunity to be your Agent is an honor and a privilege to me. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, I’m dedicated to doing everything I can to make your homeownership journey the best possible experience.


A few of the websites YOUR home will be featured on, with multiple photos & a Virtual Tour, when you list your home with the Christine & Company and eXp Realty

Plus over 150 other high traffic sites where real estate consumers are searching.

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Property Agen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our office by email or phone, and we will set an appointment to have one of our listing specialists meet with you. We will tour the home, go over recent market activity in your area to educate you on values, and make recommendations for maximizing your profit and increasing your speed of sale.

There are agents who focus primarily in one geographic area or neighborhood. But buyers come from all over the Puget Sound and country, not iust from that small neighborhood. So an area specialist usually really means “listing agent” in the area.

Many years ago the real estate business was successfully composed of lots of small “boutique” offices – that specialized in a certain area or part of town. But MLS, computers, the internet, and cell phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now the important points in selecting an agent are experience, track record, technology and marketing skills.

Absolutely not. Most of our listings sell for more than full price. We make it our business to know the market, so we can ensure we get the highest possible price for our sellers. Studies show that the highest value for a home is achieved in the first 30 days – so it is important to get it right the first time.

With our experience, product knowledge, doing the little things right, effective marketing programs, and our skilled team all add up to positive results. Every field has people who, through their drive and passion, manage to excel.

Sellers don’t need an agent just to sell their house. They need an agent to sell their house for more! If your property would sell for the same price no matter who sells it – it probably would be in your best interest to sell the home yourself. In that case, why pay any agent?

The fact of the matter is we can sell your home for more. We have the track record we do because we are experts at pricing the property (using a specific supply-demand analysis prior to even looking for “comps”) and experts at creating the greatest amount of exposure of your property.

Even at contract presentation, we do not follow the pack. We do not permit other agents to pressure you into a rash decision. The contract will be presented to you by us alone. This specific action (especially when there are multiple offers) gets significantly more dollars for our sellers. It is very difficult for a seller not to transmit emotions and reactions to another agent. That can cost sellers money. Just like a poker player wears dark glasses to hide their hand, we want to protect you from tipping your hand and giving up money.

You should hire us for the same reason that hundreds of sellers have used us over and over again for more than 15 years. They know that they can depend on us to get them the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest hassles.

Our Hassle Free Listing Home Marketing system offers benefits that the ordinary agent does not. Our program offers flexible commissions to put more money in your pocket, a client reward program when both buying and selling that actually rebates cash back to you, a cancel anytime policy, and the right to sell your home yourself and pay us nothing. Additionally, our average time to sell a home is over 2.5 times as fast as an ordinary agent.

Every year we help well over 100 people buy and sell. The average agent handles around eight sales a year. When hiring anyone to perform a job for you, experience should weigh heavily in that decision. Who really wants to be the surgeon’s first patient?

Let’s examine one of our program benefits; we allow you to cancel the listing at anytime. Most agents will not give the consumer this right. You might ask yourself why agents need to “lock you up” for four to six months. Why would they be afraid to give you the right to cancel? Our philosophy is that we would rather strive to earn your business every day. We are confident that we can provide a superior level of service and care. If we don’t, we don’t deserve your business. It is that simple.

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